iMusicate guide to SOS4.8 2014

Just when you thought all was lost and you weren’t going to be graced with our traditional guide, Surprise! Here’s what we think will go down well with an ice cold Estrella Levante this year.

Notable absences from our list are The Kooks and Prodigy, mainly because they’ve already played this festival and, to be honest, we want something new!

Friday, 2 May.

Karenin (Escenario Jägermeister, 18.30)
Ganadores del apartado murciano del concurso Talentosos. Con su pop intimista y habilidad con las letras, este conjunto de Alhama son un ejemplo más de la vibrante escena musical murciana actual y un buen punto de partida para este año.

Belako (Escenario Jägermeister, 19.15)
Joven cuarteto vasco, con menos de 2 años de trayectoria pero ya se han hecho un hueco en la escena nacional. Su post-punk acelerado te pondrá las pilas sin duda.

Dry The River (Escenario Jägermeister, 21.30)
The first of the international bands to get the nod are 4 East London lads who already made waves in Murcia when they played at last year’s B-Side Festival. Often compared to fellow indie-folk merchants Mumford & Sons, their debut album ‘Shallow Bed’ shows they have enough personality of their own.

The Strypes (Escenario Estrella Levante, 22.35)
Young is not the word for the quartet from Cavan, Ireland –  it’ll be nearly past their bed time when they take the stage in Murcia! Thrust into the limelight with a support slot on the last Arctic Monkeys tour, good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll is what these whippersnappers bring to the table. Perfect for a Friday night!

<<rinôçérôse>> (Escenario Jägermeister, 01.10)
Not their first visit to Murcia, but it’s always great to welcome these guys back. A late addition to the line up, but certainly a positive one. Entertainment is not just a possibility, it’s guaranteed!

Saturday, 3rd May

Before heading to the main venue for the evening session, there are some midday concerts in the central St. Domingo Square on the Red Bull open top bus. Not to be missed are local band Nunatak, whose recent debut album ‘Nunatak y las luces del bosque’ has been receiving rave reviews all over Spain – and deservedly so. Epic melodies galore when these guys are on stage. 12.15, Saturday morning, perfect excuse for an aperitivo.

Neuman (Escenario Jägermeister, 19.00)
Otro artista murciano para arrancar la tarde. Neuman ha ganado protagonismo gracias a su colaboración con Ken Stringfellow, pero los de aquí ya lo conocemos de antes. La música de Neuman es épica, no hay que decir más, solo escucharla y quedarte maravillado.

Damon Albarn (Escenario Estrella Levante, 20.50)
What can we say? One of the most important artists of contemporary British music, certainly the highlight of this year’s festival and quite possibly the biggest name to have graced the festival’s main stage since the festival started some 6 years ago (ok, he and Jarvis, before we get any complaints!). Albarn will be showcasing his debut solo album ‘Everyday Robots’ and will also throw in a couple of his Blur and Gorillaz tracks for the nostalgics amongst the crowd. Whatever, it’s an absolute luxury to see in live in our back garden. Let’s just hope the masses let us enjoy him.

Phoenix (Escenario Estrella Levante, 22.30)
One of the first bands to be announced for this year’s festival and one which has been on the organisation’s wish list for several years. Phoenix’s brand of electro-pop, epitomised on ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’,  combined with their phenomenal stage presence suggest this could be one of the gigs of the festival.

What is a crying shame is that they coincide with East India Youth, who’ll be on the Jägermeister stage at exactly the same time :( Might have to do a bit of running around for this one. Read about him here.

Pet Shop Boys (Escenario Estrella Levante, 00.30)
30 years of hits is no mean feat. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have not only managed that, but have adapted their sound to the ever-changing world of electronic music. Golden oldies like as ‘It’s a sin’ or ‘West end girls’, combined with techno-charged piledrivers such as ‘Axis’ well and truly place PSB in the ‘not-to-be-missed’ category.

As far as the two main stages go, that’s our route for this year.

Before signing off a big ‘enhorabuena’ to the organisation for finally getting more local bands on show this year. Apart from the aforementioned Nunatak, Karenin or Neuman (oh, and the omnipresent Varry Brava) the Escenario FOOD EVENTS gives a well-earned opportunity to top local acts like Adios Nicole, The Yellow Melodies, Noise Box or Neon Lights. You can check out the full timetable of events here.

See you there!